Pinnacle Point Beach & Golf Resort - 11th & 12th December 2011 - The Links
Pinnacle Point Beach & Golf Resort - 11th & 12th December 2011

Unbeatable dramatic breathtaking terrain!

An expression used for this dramatic golf course is “Pebble Beach on steroids” and it’s to a certain extent a fair statement. This is a cliff top golf course with a breathtaking scenery and spectacular design. There are 7 majestic holes that line the Indian Ocean rock cliffs, 4 of which are played over ocean and cliff.

It’s a tough challenge on a calm day and when the wind picks up it’s a very, very tough one. You need to trust your clubs and read the wind carefully. In particular for the intimidating tee shots on hole 7, 8, 9 and 18. You may end up aiming for the ocean and trust the wind to take the ball to a safe place!!

My pick of very dramatic holes are:

Hole 7 – 111 meters par 3

The dramatic scene looking down from the tees to this island green perched on top of a cliff is awe-inspiring. It plays shorter then it looks and you better read the wind carefully – you may need to aim for the ocean! Spectacular hole. Pitching wedge 10 meters left of the hole, two put for a good par.

Hole 8 – 310 meters par 4

This is a true "Risk and Reward" hole. There are only 3 reasons why you shouldn't give this par 4 a go at driving the green. 1. If you can’t carry the ball further than 200m through the air, 2. If there is any wind into your face, 3. If you don't have an ego. The option to play the hole as a dogleg will leave you with a mid to short iron approach. I went for it with the driver both days and carried the left green edge twice, chip and a two put for a par. Should have done birdies, but the thrill to go for the green with the driver, carry the ocean and cliffs and make it is a good one.

Hole 9 – 151 meters par 3

9th green is perched on top of a 40 meters sheer ocean cliff! The brave option is to hit the ball straight at the pin. The careless option is to bring the ball over the cliffs and onto the green from the right. The ball feeds from left to right on this green. Use the left to right slope on this hole. Similar shot both days, 7-iron to the left of hole feeding it to about 10 meters from hole, missed the birdie put for a par.

Hole 18 – 463 meters par 5

The dogleg left hole plays along the cliffs of Eden Bay. The features of this hole are the 300 meters of white bunker sand that line the left of the hole, and the aggressive slopes from right to left all the way down this hole. The long bunker down the left of the hole is to be avoided at all costs. A drive to the right half of the fairway is crucial. A good drive for the longer hitter leaves you with a few risky options on reaching the green for two. My drive was way to the left – ball gone. Second drive in good position on the right side of fairway, 4-iron 100 meters short of green, pitch to front green edge, two put for a “solid” 7!!!

I played the course twice. Michael and Colin joined me the first day. They also played with me at Pezula. Mother nature was tough on us with Gail force wind and partial rain. We gave it a go and tried our best to fight nature, but we needed to stop after 9 holes – impossible to continue to play. Despite the conditions, I managed to shoot a 40 on the front nine. My irons and good recovery shots made the work. Well done Michael and Colin to play in these conditions.

The conditions the second day was better, still a challenging wind and some rain on a few holes. Michael Cunningham joined me again and the third player was Patrick Good. The experience was very enjoyable and Many Thanks to my playing partners that made this day special. I played fairly well and my total score was 80 shots after 40 on the front and 40 on the back. My driver was unpredictable, but the irons and short game made up for it.

Pinnacle Point is a spectacular golf course. Maybe not in it’s best condition for the moment, but well worth a visit that will be an experience long remembered. The Pinnacle Point resort and accommodation is also excellent and is worth a visit in itself.

Pinnacle Point - day 1

Pinnacle Point - day 2